The Man Engine Resurrection Tour 2018

Terms and Conditions


The “Organiser” is Golden Tree Productions.


The “Event” is The Man Engine: Resurrection Tour 2018, at participating venues.


By purchasing an Event ticket (a “Ticket”) (or attending using any other valid Ticket) you agree to all the events terms and conditions as set out herein (“Terms and Conditions”).


A valid Ticket entitles the holder to attend the Event on the relevant date and at the relevant times as stated on the Ticket.


The Organiser reserves the right to:


refuse admission to the Event in any reasonable circumstances;


evict any person breaching the terms and conditions of entry, committing a criminal offence, behaving in a disorderly manner or in a way that has an adverse effect on public safety, or behaving in an anti-social manner or in a way that causes a public nuisance;


evict all members of any group of persons where that group is behaving in a persistent anti-social manner;


and in order to facilitate the security, safety and comfort of all guests, refuse entry to Ticket holders who attempt to enter the Event site with contraband goods and / or prohibited articles.


Proof of age or concessionary entitlement may be required for all types of Ticket. Please ensure that you have ID with you in case you are asked. Failure to provide such ID may result in you being asked to stop consuming and purchasing alcohol and/or leave the Event. If you look under 21 you may be asked for proof of age when you buy alcohol. We operate the ‘Challenge 21’ policy.


Children aged 0-3 years old are free to enter. However, please note there might be loud noise and pyrotechnics during the evening Events.


If you are bringing young children [age 0-3 years] or purchasing a “Child” (age 4-16) Ticket you are confirming that you are either the parent, legal guardian or nominated guardian of the teen or child for whom you are purchasing. Each adult attending can accompany up to a maximum of 3 Child Ticket holders.


Child Ticket holders can only enter the Event with the person who purchased their ticket (i.e. their parent, legal guardian or nominated guardian). Any Child Ticket holders attempting to enter the Event without this person will be denied entry to the Event. Any person attempting to enter the Event with a Child Ticket holder for whom they are not the parent, legal guardian or nominated guardian may be denied entry.


Young children [0-3 years old] and Child Ticket holders aged 4-16 years old must be accompanied by an adult at all times.


Re-entry to the Event is not permitted.


Alcohol cannot be brought into the Event. There will usually be fully licensed bar/outlets available for you in the main Event area.


You will not be allowed to bring in glass or sharp items of any kind. Please leave all glass and sharp items at home or in the car. There are no exceptions.


No pets or animals are allowed into the Event other than assistance dogs such as guide dogs. Please do not leave animals in the car.


The Organiser reserves the right to refuse admission to any Ticket holder and may on occasion conduct security searches to ensure the safety of Event visitors. The Organiser shall be entitled to remove anyone from the Event who is under the influence of drugs or excessive alcohol or who in the reasonable opinion of the Organiser is conducting themselves in a manner inappropriate to their continued attendance.  There shall be no admittance without a valid Ticket.


Tickets shall not be resold, exchanged, or transferred. To do so or to alter or deface any Ticket will render it void.


It is the Ticket holder’s responsibility to check his or her Tickets, as mistakes cannot always be rectified, and the Organiser shall not be responsible for any incorrect, invalid, lost or stolen Tickets.


Tickets shall not be used as prizes in competitions or a lottery without the prior written consent of the Organiser.


All sound and moving or still picture rights including, without limitation, on the internet, vest exclusively with the Organiser and any material filmed or recorded at the Event may only be used for the personal, non-profit making enjoyment of amateurs. By entering the Event, Ticket holders agree and consent to:


being photographed, filmed or recorded as visitors attending the Event, and to such image or recording of them being used in future marketing and promotional material for the Event and/or the Organiser and its affiliated companies;


being filmed, photographed and recorded for television, radio, webcast and other public broadcast in any medium and/or for any video or DVD as part of the audience; and/or


being recorded by onsite CCTV cameras and recordings for security purposes.


Commercial, promotional and trading activities are not permitted on the Event site without express prior written permission of the Organiser. Please note that the Organiser will charge a fee for any commercial activity (including filming, photography and recording) on the Event site.


Entrance to the Event is subject to a prohibition on the use of both photographic and filming equipment on the Event site for commercial gain, without the Organiser’s prior written consent; such that:


a person may be denied entry to, or removed from the Event site if he or she is found in possession of any equipment capable of taking photographs, making films, sound recordings or broadcasts; or if he or she takes any photograph, makes a film, sound recording or broadcast of anything occurring inside the Event for commercial gain; and


a person may enter the Event with equipment referred to in (a) above where it is integrated into electronic communications apparatus designed for personal private use (such as a mobile telephone) and/or a personal stills camera, but the person may still be removed in accordance with paragraph (a) above if they attempt to use this device for commercial gain.


Elements of the programme require clement weather conditions and it may be necessary for the Organiser to vary the programme in the event of poor weather conditions. It is the responsibility of the Ticket holder to ascertain the date, time and venue of any rearranged staging of the Event.


Whilst the Organiser will do its best to minimize the disruption caused by any postponement, it cannot be responsible for any additional expenditure incurred by you as a result and refunds will only be made at the Organiser’s discretion.


Should the Event be cancelled prior to the day of the Event the Ticket holder shall be entitled to a full refund of the Ticket price but no refund will be given in respect of any other expenditure whatsoever. Ticket refunds must be claimed within one month after the cancelled Event.


Admission to the Event is at a Ticket holder’s own risk.  The Organiser, its servants, agents and/or representatives will not be liable for any loss, injury or damage howsoever caused to the bearer of a Ticket save for death or personal injury caused by the negligence of the Organiser or any other liabilities that cannot be excluded by law.


Please only use the toilets and urinals provided. Do not pollute the land.


Please use the litterbins and recycling points provided.


Ticket holders may be searched and a bag search might be conducted at the entrance to the Event. Any items which the Organiser considers may be used in an illegal or offensive manner shall be confiscated.


The Organiser is not responsible for any of your possessions (including any vehicle) whilst you are on the site. Please take good care of your possessions.


Any personal data relating to Ticket holders will be used solely in accordance with UK data protection legislation and will not be disclosed to a third party without the individuals prior consent. If you provide your e-mail address, we may contact you regarding your enquiry, comment or request. We may also send e-mails to you about the services that we offer.


To protect your own safety and those of other guests, please act responsibly and in accordance with the instructions of the Organiser’s staff on the site.


Pyrotechnics, strobe lighting and loud noises might be used during the Event.

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